VersaClimberI had another Versa-climber induced epiphany today. I have them frequently; unfortunately, I forget much or most of them before I climb out of the shower, and this is already fading. I only have epiphanies on the Versa-climber because there is nothing else to do, but think. I tried it facing the TV so I could watch the news like I do with the treadmill and when I lift weights in my basement; but, it was clear that it wasn’t going to work–too much effort and motion, so I faced it towards the back wall and I listen to music. Slow, slow, fast, slow, fast; then, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow; then, repeat the prior five: that leaves me gasping, dripping wet, and, sometimes, as today, illuminated.

This is my first post, since I built this site in June of 2015. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it and just wanted to use my Go Pro camera, and I had some ideas about a community site for general surgeons to vent and share experiences; and I may still do that; but I am  also going to do this:    

Add a page titled, Ask Hippocrates.” I will solicit questions relating to General Surgery (only), and will respond to one per week that I deem worthy for purposes of general consumption with the primary goal of shedding light on a common problem and concern that most likely impacts tens of thousands of people. This will be a professional opinion, with appropriate references, but not for legal purposes, although I suppose it could be a starting point for such. 

You may refer to the Surgical Consult page, which I haven’t built yet, but will do so this weekend, as long as I don’t get called in.