Surgeon Point Of View


On being a surgeon; being of service.

This is your opportunity for a second opinion

This is an open site, anonymous; so, no names please.

I started this website a couple of years ago, posted some stories and wrote a few articles about common stuff; then I got busy. I’m still busy, but I wanted to have a mechanism to inform patients and other folks about medical topics that I am familiar with. It is my view that the better educated a patient is, the better they will be able to get the information they need from their healthcare provider. The primary page for this will be the “Second Opinion” page and blog postings, all easily searchable. Although I am the sole contributor at this time, I may add other surgeons, over time, to expand the capabilities and breadth of the site.

Over the course of time there will be contributions of content in the category of “War Stories,” which will be real-life accounts of medical experiences from my cumulative 35 year medical career, ranging from patient encounters as a medical student/resident/physician both in this country and without, in the operating theater and without; nothing shall be off limits and all will be laid bare; sometimes sad, at times tragic, often happy, funny even–at all times honest and real, from the heart of a surgeon. The maturity level, if that matters, might be as liberal as, say, The Game of Thrones, but no worse. I haven’t contributed to this page for a while, but I have some ideas, and the winter is much better for me as I am an obsessive compulsive landscaper.


Additionally, as time allows, questions will be addressed from the readership of a medical/surgical nature. They will be referred to as a surgical consult, and they may serve as a second opinion of no particular import other than to provide a level of comfort in regard to consistency or a reinforcement of an opinion already received. It may be that this site is the initial reference, in which case any input might be enough to encourage the questioner to seek the appropriate medical advice/treatment.

Of one thing you can be certain, the topics addressed will apply to many.

The good news is that it is completely free. The bad news is that I not address every question will be addressed. It is strictly based on available time, volume, and the suitability of the question.

Lastly, I am a DIYer; and, I have an affinity, if not a skill, in this area of web design, graphics and photo/video editing software. Believe me, I have everything I need insofar as equipment, after all, I am a doctor; unfortunately, I am sorely lacking in the black box that the software and templates are to me. Still, it does allow people like me to trudge along in the swamp of mediocrity, or worse, of technology in our efforts to connect and communicate via the ether of the internet.